LeakSemantic: Identifying Abnormal Sensitive Network Transmissions in Mobile Applications
H. Fu, Z. Zheng, S. Bose, M. Bishop, P. Mohapatra
INFOCOM, 2017.
When to Reset Your Keys: Optimal Timing of Security Updates via Learning
Z. Zheng, N. B. Shroff, P. Mohapatra
AAAI, 2017.
A Signaling Game Model for Moving Target Defense
X. Feng, Z. Zheng, D. Cansever, A. Swami, P. Mohapatra
INFOCOM, 2017.
A Stackelberg Game and Markov Modeling of Moving Target Defense
X. Feng, Z. Zheng, P. Mohapatra, D. Cansever
GameSec, 2017.


Stealthy Attacks with Insider Information: A Game Theoretic Model with Asymmetric Feedback
X. Feng, Z. Zheng, D. Cansever, A. Swami, P. Mohapatra
MILCOM, 2016.
VSync: Cloud Based Video Streaming Service for Mobile Devices
E. Baik, A. Pande, Z. Zheng, P. Mohapatra
Trust Exploitation and Attention Competition: A Game Theoretical Model
H. Fu, H. Li, Z. Zheng, P. Hu, P. Mohapatra
MILCOM, 2016.
FlowIntent: Detecting Privacy Leakage from User Intention to Network Traffic Mapping
H. Fu, Z. Zheng, A. Das, P. H. Pathak, P. Hu, P. Mohapatra


Stealthy Attacks Meets Insider Threats: A Three-Player Game Model
X. Feng, Z. Zheng, P. Hu, D. Cansever, P. Mohapatra
MILCOM, 2015.

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