Using Humans as Sensors: An Estimation-theoretic Perspective
D. Wang, M. Amin, S. Li, T. Abdelzaher, L. Kaplan, S. Gu, C. Pan, H. Liu, C. Aggarwal, R. Ganti, X. Wang, P. Mohapatra, B. Szymanski, H. Le


STAMP: Ad Hoc Spatial-Temporal Provenance Assurance for Mobile Users
X. Wang, J. Zhu, A. Pande, A. Raghuramu, P. Mohapatra, T. Abdelzaher, R. Ganti
IEEE ICNP, 2013.
Spatio-Temporal Provenance: Identifying Location Information from Unstructured Text
K. Lee, R. Ganti, M. Srivatsa, P. Mohapatra
IEEE PerCom Workshop on Information Quality and Quality of Service for Pervasive Computing, 2013. (Invited Paper!)


DustDoctor: A Self-Healing Sensor Data Collection System
M. Khan, H. Ahmadi, G. Dogan, K. Govindan, R. Ganti, T. Brown, J. Han, P. Mohapatra, T. Abdelzaher
Demo, IPSN, 2011.

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