Characterizing Instant Messaging Apps on Smartphones
L. Zhang, C. Xu, P. H. Pathak, P. Mohapatra
Passive and Active Measurement Conference, 2015.
Finger-writing with Smartwatch: A Case for Finger and Hand Gesture Recognition using Smartwatch
C. Xu, P. H. Pathak, P. Mohapatra
ACM HotMobile, 2015.


Your AP Knows How You Move: Fine-grained Device Motion Recognition through WiFi
Y. Zeng, P. H. Pathak, C. Xu, P. Mohapatra
ACM HotWireless, in conjunction with MobiCom, 2014.
Provenance Logic: Enabling Multi-Event Based Trust in Mobile Sensing
X. Wang, H. Fu, C. Xu, P. Mohapatra

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