Group Photos

Group photo Oct 2013.

Group lunch June 2013.

Group photo June 2012.

Outdoor group photo Sept 2009.

Indoor group photo Sept 2009.

Group photo ~ 2006

Group photo ~ 2004


Group lunch

Game Night at Kurtis's Place. Minh and Daniel are looking through their Settlers of Catan cards.

What is George doing all the way up there? Look how tired Dhruv is.

Group Lunch at Chaat Cafe.

Going back to a group meeting after getting some frozen yogurt.

Graduation ceremony!

Game Night of Sept 19, 2009

Gathering around for some digital bowling.

More Wii fun!

If only these guys can concentrate on research just as hard...

Playing some thinking man's (or woman's) game.

Networks Group Rock band!

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